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Intohimo - Northern Lights (T-shirt bundle)

220 SEK
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Intohimo - Northern Lights (T-shirt bundle)

220 SEK
T-shirt bundle deal:
* Intohimo t-shirt
* Northern Lights CD

ORDER the new Intohimo album "Northern Lights". Out October 12. Comes in a neat digifile package with artwork by Sara Håkansson.

02. Northern Lights Pt.1
03. Another Low
04. Far Side And Further
05. Crossroads
06. The Rotation Of The Earth Vs. Me
07. Underwater Interlude
08. A Waltz For Heaven By The Mountains
09. Northern Lights Pt.2
10. Tale Of A Seeker
11. Colours Did Not Exist In 1817
12. I Am Doubt Defined
13. Endeavour